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  We are from Southern Indiana and are bow fishing fanatics.  We used to troll the banks of the Ohio river shooting buffalo, common, and gar.  We still enjoy that, but we now like to go after big head carp in the Ohio and jumping silver in the Wabash.  The Wabash around New Harmony Indiana is loaded with jumping Asian carp so its quite the thrill to blast as many as we can.  The reason we invented the bow float is due to losing 3 bows in the course of 2 weeks.  2 of them off the same boat.  The Wabash gets very shallow in places ( as low as 3ft) and there are 16in diameter pipes just a few inches below the water level. We found 2 different ones the hard way. We were in about 12ft of water when we hit the pipes, so we never found them.  The other limited edition Hoyt was lost in the Ohio in 30ft of water.  The bow was accidently knocked over the side.  That's when we realized how valuable a retrieval system would be.   The way the Bow float works is that there is a dissolvable tablet that holds back a mechanical ram.  Once the bow is submerged, the water leaks onto the weep holes allowing the water to dissolve the tablet, releasing the ram, which in return pushes out the foam bobber which has up to 50 yards of non memory 60lb test wrapped around a spool.  Once the bobber is deployed, it floats to the top showing you where the bow is.  You simply pull the bow off the bottom, dry out the float, reload with another tablet and get back to shooting fish!  You can now shoot with confidence without having an uncomfortable wrist strap or a lanyard in the way hanging up on everything.  The float also doubles as a stabilizer bar.


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Have you ever lost your bow in the water?